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military garment parts meaning

10 Military uniforms of ancient Greek warriors

10 Military uniforms of ancient Greek warriors from Sparta and Athens to Macedonia. 1} Athenian officer (5th B.C.) The elaborate breastplates of the most prominent citizens of Athens were lined with overlapping brass scales of various sizes, while the edges of the different sections were decorated with colorful designs.

Clothing terminology - Wikipedia

Clothing terminology comprises the names of individual garments and classes of garments, as well as the specialized vocabularies of the trades that have designed, manufactured, marketed and sold clothing over hundreds of years.. Clothing terminology ranges from the arcane (watchet, a pale blue color name from the 16th century), and changes over time in response to …

Civilian Attire Policy - United States Navy

(2) Military Uniforms in Transit. Unless specifically authorized by COMUSNAVCENT or listed as an exception below, wearing a military uniform in transit from a private residence or hotel to any military installation is prohibited. During transit off base, uniforms will be kept covered in an opaque bag or garment bag.

Glossary of Sewing Terms | National Sewing Circle ...

Bar Tack: A short reinforcement of threads used on parts of a garment or project that are especially stressed, such as belt loops or buttonholes. Also known as a tack. Baste: The technique of hand stitching or machine stitching with a long stitch length to temporarily hold two pieces of fabric together before they are stitched together permanently. A backstitch or a knot …

Stitch Types | Types of Stitch Used in Garment or Apparel ...

This single thread is passed through the fabric from one side to another and the stitch is secured by the single line of thread passing in and out of the garment. Class-200 (Hand Stitch) These types of stitches are used for stitching costly dresses, jackets, and sample dresses.

Shirt Anatomy 101: Collars, Hems, and All the Parts in Between

A dart is a tuck in the fabric that is sewn into a garment to give it more shape. In shirting, darts are often applied to the waist or lower back of the shirt. Shirring. Shirring is a group of pleats, sometimes seen in women's shirts as an embellishment or at the top of curtains. Shirring can also be applied to cuffs, yokes, and shoulders.

The 2,500-year-old 'BIONIC' armour: Rare military garment ...

The 2,500-year-old 'BIONIC' armour: Rare military garment that used 'fish-like scales' to protect its wearer from being stabbed or shot with a crossbow is discovered in a Chinese tomb. Scientists ...

Historical Customs and Dress of Scotland

length garment whose upper half was worn as a cloak draped over the shoulder (see picture) or over the head. ... military or civilian Highland dress, either formal or informal. The Royal Regiment of Scotland wears the Glengarry bonnet with a …

What's That Uniform the Navy's Top Enlisted ... - military.com

According to Navy spokeswoman Lt. Cmdr. Madisyn Hansen, Smith's new outfit is part of the development of a two-piece garment aimed at offering an alternative to the Improved Flame Resistant ...

Glossary of Textile Terms | Bally Ribbon Mills

2. A model, or guide, or plan used in making things, such as a garment pattern. Pick. A single filling yarn carried by one trip of the weft-insertion device across the loom. The picks interface with the warp ends to form a woven fabric. Pick Count. The number of filling picks per inch, or per centimeter of fabric.

Military Standards/Handbooks

Military Standards/Handbooks. ASSIST Quick Search lists the following documents: Number. Title. MIL-STD 129R. Military Standard Marking for Shipment and Storage. MIL-STD-130. Identification Marking of U.S. Military Property. MIL-STD-2073.

ECCN list ; Export Control Classification Number

For a report of technical and administrative expertise of a product manufactured in the United States of America (or incorporated in a European equipment, or other region of the world) exported outside the USA by a European country or by other countries of the world, please contact the head of the French company Technidouanes, Albert Castel, French expert on dual …

Military Terms, Military Jargon, Slang | Military.com

The U.S. military uses many unique acronyms, terms and jargon. This results from the need for expedient and clear communication. Read the glossary.

The PCU Protective Combat Uniform: A Buyer's Guide and ...

The PCU is designed to provide for both static and kinetic situations, meaning that whether you're on the move carrying a load and generating heat, or you're stationary and likely losing heat, the PCU can be adjusted to keep you warm and dry. This is achieved by adding the appropriate level garment to the system you started with.

Garment - definition of garment by The Free Dictionary

Define garment. garment synonyms, garment pronunciation, garment translation, English dictionary definition of garment. n. An article of clothing. tr.v. gar·ment·ed, gar·ment·ing, gar·ments To clothe; dress. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth...


Definition of Maps 4 Security 4 Categories and Types of Maps 4 Military Map Substitutes 5 Part 2: Marginal Information and Symbols 6 Marginal Information on a Map 8 Topographic Map Symbols 13 Part 3: Grids 14 Reference System 14 Geographic Coordinates 14 Military Grids 18 Locating a Point Using Grid Coordinates 19

Contracts - U.S. Department of Defense

U.S. Department of Defense contracts valued at $7.5 million or more are announced each business day at 5 p.m.

Five Military Garments That Transformed Fashion | Grailed

The Flight Jacket has arguably the most extensive history of any military garment. The US Army Air Corps standardized the first Flight Jacket, known as type A-1, on November 27th, 1927.The jacket was made from a kind of sheepskin known as capeskin and featured a button front, two front patch pockets with button flaps, a ribbed worsted wool collar …

Parts of a Suit of Armor - Medieval Lifestyle

The battle-ready medieval knight was attired in a suit of armor referred to as a "body harness."A common construction technique utilized "lames" or strips of metal which overlapped, somewhat like the shingles on a roof.These laminations were often used in the collar, shoulder, and abdominal areas to facilitate movement.

Military Uniform Supply – Military Uniform Supply, Inc.

About Us. For over twenty (20) years Military Uniform Supply, Inc. has offered quality merchandise at affordable prices. We believe it is our commitment to providing you with exceptional customer service that built, and continues to build, our reputation.

Defense Standardization Program Specifications and Standards

The official site of the Defense Standardization Program. Standardization documents are developed and used for products, materials, and processes that have multiple applications to promote commonality and interoperability among the Military Departments and the Defense Agencies and between the United States and its allies, and to limit the variety of items in the …

Garment Bags - Military Luggage

Military Luggage is a superstore for Military Backpacks, Multicam Gear, ABU Bags, Digital Woodland Gear, Military Bags, Duffle Bags, Sling Bags, Tactical Bags, Tactical Backpacks, Military Garment Bags, Military Deployment Bags and more!

Fashion Dictionary – WWD

V-shaped tuck that is sewn into a garment in order to shape the fabric so that the garment fits the rounded parts of the body. Darts are most often found at …

Garment Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

The meaning of GARMENT is an article of clothing. How to use garment in a sentence.

Interlocking Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

The meaning of INTERLOCK is to become locked together or interconnected. How to use interlock in a sentence.

What is the AQL (Acceptance Quality Limit) in QC Inspections?

What Does AQL Mean? 'AQL' stands for 'Acceptance Quality Limit', and is defined as the "quality level that is the worst tolerable" in ISO 2859-1.It represents the maximum number of defective units, beyond which a batch is rejected. Importers usually set different AQLs for critical, major, and minor defects.

Joseon's Court Attire: Kdrama Style (Part 1) – the talking ...

The inner garment (most of the time not visible), known as jungdan, is white in color and lined with blue fabrics on the hems. Daedae is the red and white waistband used to tie the skirt. The waist belt, hyeokdae is lined with jade.

Men's Outfits — Sengoku Daimyo

Parts of the arazome sugata: Garments kosode,, black kukuri-bakama, pink kariginu Accessories Waraji, small tate eboshi. Bukan sokutai (ketteki no sokutai) sugata. This is the formal court wear (sokutai) of the military official (which is the meaning of "bukan"). It was worn only by military officials of the fourth court rank and below.

Guide to Military Uniforms | Military.com

The first U.S. military uniforms date back to 1779 when General George Washington chose to use the blue uniform coat with state facing colors, and white waistcoat and breeches.

British Army Uniforms: What Are They Wearing?

Picture: Adam Blackmore-Heal. Here are the most essential elements of the dress: 1. Blue Jockey Cap. As its name suggests, the headdress worn by all band members when wearing State Dress is styled upon a jockey's cap. 2. Gold Coat. The coat worn by members of The Band on "state occasions" is the stunning Gold Coat.

Garment Guidelines for Military, Law Enforcement, and ...

Beehive Clothing produces garment tops and bottoms for military personnel in the current color required by the U.S. Army. Women may use the men's garments, wear the white garment bottoms, or special-order women's garment bottoms. All other required clothing, approved by the organizations above, should be purchased by the customer through regular

Military Dictatorship: Definition and Examples

A military dictatorship is a form of government in which the military holds most or all political power. Military dictatorships may be ruled by a single high-ranking military officer or by a group of such officers. Military dictatorships are notorious for human rights abuses and the denial of political and social freedoms.

Glossary of 18th Century Costume Terminology

Glossary of 18th Century Costume Terminology. See copyright notice below regarding copying any text from this glossary. The purpose of this page is twofold: First, to define vocabulary—to define 18th c. words which are now unfamiliar, and to correctly define non-18th century words which are frequently misused with respect to the 18th century (compare 18th c. equipage to …

Garments Sewing | Flow Chart for Garments Sewing ...

Sewing is an important department in the garments manufacturing industry. All the parts of a garment are joined here by making stitches with the help of a needle and thread. Where the sewing process flow chart helps to make a complete garment easily. By maintaining the sewing process flow chart, an order can be completed in a timely.

Military Collar Tab & Shoulder Board Identification Gallery

Military Collar Tab and Shoulder Board Identification Guide This is an identification guide for the many different Collar Tabs and Shoulder Boards worn during the 3rd Reich period by the military. Note that many of these designs were used post war by the East German and West German military.

Military uniform - Wikipedia

A military uniform is a standardised dress worn by members of the armed forces and paramilitaries of various nations.. Military dress and styles have gone through significant changes over the centuries, from colourful and elaborate, ornamented clothing until the 19th century, to utilitarian camouflage uniforms for field and battle purposes from World War I (1914–1918) on.

Garment Manufacturing Process from Fabric to Finished Product

Parts Preparation: Before assembling the garment, individual garment parts are prepared in the preparatory section. For example, in shirt manufacturing, shirt collars, sleeve cuffs and sleeves are prepared in the preparatory section and later loaded in the shirt assembling section. The preparatory section is introduced in the line to improve ...