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Marksmanship Badges (United States) | Military Wiki | Fandom

A Marksmanship Badge is a military badge of the United States Armed Forces or a U.S. Civilian badge which is presented to personnel upon successful completion of a weapons qualification course (known as Marksmanship Qualification Badges) or high placement in an official marksmanship competition (known as Marksmanship Competition Badges). The U.S. …

Vietnam - Equipment and Uniform

Uniforms. The Jungle Uniform based on the WW2 Para uniform, was a rare example of Army and Marine clothing that combined functional practicality with comfort and attractive design. It is a quick drying coat and trousers made of tightly woven, rip-stop or twill cotton poplin fabric.

US Army 1960s-1970s Uniforms - Military Information HQ

U.S. Army Uniforms in the 1960s and 1970s. Pipeline Pump Station, Qui-Nhon An-Khe, Vietnam 1966. Soldier on the left is wearing Utility Uniform shirt while Soldier on the right is wearing the jacket of the Tropical Uniform. Both are wearing the Cap, Field (Hot Weather). U.S. Army uniforms in the 1960s and the 1970s continued trends established ...

Welcome to Doughboy Military Collectables. Buy, Sell ...

1966 dated and with the $1.75 price tag still at the top. A nice high harder to find rank in the original packaging. ... This set of insignia is the sew of variation popular with the collars of the blue dress army uniforms. Excellent construction with 4 loops on the reverse of both. Well marked from the manufacture of "J. R. Gaunt New York ...

My Coast Guard News

Tag: Military Uniforms. Dec. 14, 2020. Coast Guard resumes uniform distribution For the past several months, members have experienced difficulty purchasing needed and required uniform items. Due to shortages resulting from the pandemic, the Uniform Distribution Center (UDC) had to concentrate its efforts on properly outfitting all recruits ...

Personalized Name Tapes and Tags - Military Uniform Supply

Authentic military name tapes for U.S. Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard and the Space Force. Name Tapes for the OCP Uniform, BDU Uniforms and Classic fatigues. Custom color name tapes for groups, organizations, or for individuals to personalize their clothing and gear. Name Tapes and Tags for Law Enforcement

Uniforms - United States Navy

*Editor's Note: The following content was reproduced from Uniforms of the United States Navy 1776–1898 and 1900–1967. This content provides a chronological survey of Navy uniforms. For text of historic uniform regulations and articles on specific uniform items, please consult the Navy Department Library's page, Uniforms of the U.S. Navy. ***** Military uniforms have …

Overlooked Military Surplus -- How to Date Military ...

It was used from from 1953 to 1961. Look for a two digit number, typically near the end of the code (it will range from 53 to 61) for the year of manufacture of your item. 2. The DSA, Defense Supply Agency, was used from 1962 to 1977. DSA stamped items introduced a systematic dating process and is as follows:

24 photos revealing the striking changes to Army uniforms ...

Tigerstripe uniform (foreground) and ERDL pattern (background), in use by US forces in Vietnam c.1969 (Photo: US Army Heritage and Education Center) 20. In 1981, the Army adopted its woodland camouflage battle dress uniform. It would become the main field uniform of the Army and the other services until the mid-2000s.

Military Gear | Tactical Gear Superstore | TacticalGear.com

Military Uniforms From OCPs and NWUs to classic battlefield apparel, learn everything you need to know about old and new United States Military uniforms. APEL Eyewear Soldiers can't wear just any sunglasses — their eyewear is strictly regulated. Make sure your shades are on the Authorized Protective Eyewear List. AK-47 vs. AR-15

Military Formal Attire – Mess Dress

Military Formal Attire – Mess Dress. In 1845, the British military introduced evening dress intended for formal occasions held in mess halls and elsewhere. This new concept of mess dress was later instituted by armed forces in other Commonwealth countries and eventually in the United States around the turn of the twentieth century.

History of Military Dog Tags and Identification Tags

Military Dog Tags in World War 2. Testing of a new style of identification tag was started in 1938 and by 1940 the first rounded–end rectangle dog tag, known as the M1940 issue, was being introduced. These notched identification tags had the text debossed or stamped in and devices were available to actually use the dog tag itself to stamp ...

DOG TAG REFERENCE - Moore Militaria

Dog Tags. There are numerous styles and subtle changes made to dog tags from WWII through Vietnam. In this section, we will attempt to show the "most common" style for different time periods. The main difference is the use of a "notched" tag or of a "regular" tag. The notched were used from WWII until about 1964 when the regular tag was adopted.

Naval Clothing Factory & dating Navy enlisted uniforms ...

One thing to keep in mind is that WWII officer's uniform can have a "Naval Clothing Depot" tag inside (and luckily the officer's uniforms often have dates written on the tags). Please post labels and if you have good photos of the details that set uniforms of one era apart from another please post those as well. QED4 MEMBER 2,140 Orlando, Fla. #2

Military Name Tag Builder - USAMM

Embroidered Military Name Tapes, Tags & Name Plates. • Milspec regulation name tapes and plates for military uniforms. • Embroidered name tapes, sew on or with hook and loop fasteners. • Embossed name plates. • Optional tailoring …

Name Tags | Shop Your Navy Exchange - Official Site

Exchange Select Enforcer #2 (6 Rows) Foam Backer Reinforcer for Badge, Nametag, Ribbon Set. (1) Add to compare.

Bay State Militaria - For Sale

WWII Uniforms UU-2050 Fantastic WW2 Women's Naval Officers Grouping. Includes tunic, skirt, 2 different style caps, Havelock, scarf, dog tag and tie. Photo of this Officer and her husbands dog tag. $595 ON HOLD: UU-2049 Historic Airborne Uniform tunic.

History of US Army Uniforms | Military.com

Army Uniforms: Early America (1786-1833) The year 1812 was a very confusing one in regard to uniforms.Because of a shortage of blue cloth, coatees made of …

Collar Disks – Griffin Militaria

Gilt 1920's Army Quartermaster "101W" Collar Disk. $ 35.00. Item Number: 50332.

NEW ARRIVALS - Time Traveler Militaria

UA1042. $90.00. US Army Flyers Hot Weather Trousers – Med-Short . UA1048. $35.00. US Army Combat Trousers Cotton WR Poplin Med-Short . UA1047. $55.00. US Army Aviation Crew Trousers 1968 Large-Reg .

Military Uniforms - Dating - Landscape Change …

Dating home > Military Uniforms Military Uniforms Except for a raid on St. Albans during the 1860s, which has the claim to fame of being the northern most battle of the Civil War, there have not been any battles fought on Vermont soil …

A Guide To American Red Cross Uniforms

the American Army uniform, with the appropriate Red Cross insignia as specified in the order of the Secretary of War published in the Official Bulletin on August 7, 1917. Note: Men serving abroad held rank similar to that of the military, according to the work they performed.

WW2 German Third Reich Militaria & Collectables I Online ...

WW2 German Third Reich. Welcome to Grenadier Militaria International online militaria antiques store we stock authentic WW2 German Third Reich Militaria and collectables from 1933 – 1945. We specialise in WW2 German Third Reich Militaria including Weacht, Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe decorations, documents, cuff-titles, medals, insignia ...

Personnel-General Army Identification Tags

This pamphlet prescribes procedural guidance for the issuance of identification (ID) tags to personnel of the United States Army, Army National Guard, Army National Guard of the United States and United States Army Reserve Soldier, Department of the Army (DA) Civilians overseas, and other authorized civilian personnel.

11 Best Free "Military" Dating Sites (2022)

The good news is there are dating websites out there specifically for military personnel. We scoured the web and found the 11 Best Free Military Dating Websites for singles in the Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, or any other branch of service. These sites also work for single civilians who want to date a man or woman in uniform.

Overlooked Military Surplus -- WWII US Uniforms Thumbnail ...

WWII US Army M1937 Trousers Pants 36x26. WWII US Army M1937 Trousers Pants 37x29. WWII Army Wool Field Shirt 15.5 x31. WWII US Army Double Buckle Combat Boots. WWII Pinks and Greens Waist Belt. WWII Era Ike Jacket Uniform 45th Division 36S. WWII US Army M-1944 Trousers Pants 34x31. WWII US Army 3 Buckle Cavalry Boots.

Uniform Mate Military | Date with Army People

Meet Soldiers Online Military Chat City Military Dating Agency Army Dating Service Disclaimer: Free basic membership allows you to browse …

Excellent Vintage Militaria - Victory Gear - US

Excellent Vintage Militaria - Victory Gear - US. Please call or email if you are interested in any of our products. US. Click product photo for more info. 1902 Lt. Col. Shoulder boards (B1587) Price: $250.00. Sale price: $225.00.

: name tags for uniforms

MVCEN Custom Name Patches, Personalized Military Patches 2 Pcs, Custom Embroidery Name Tag, Tactical Moral Name Patch for Camouflage Uniform, Jacket, Hoodie, Backpacks, Vest 4.7 out of 5 stars 486 $7.95 $ 7 . 95

Net Threats: Knowing the dos and don ... - United States Army

While looking through your photos on Facebook, someone might be able to see the unit patch on your husband's Army Combat Uniform or notice you are a "fan" of a specific unit's Family Readiness Group.